On mobile, change is the only constant


Mobile Content Management Platform (mCMP)

Delivering and managing content on an ongoing basis is often the most ignored but an important part of building trust, loyalty, and engagement with your audience. Our platform is designed to ease the burden that is normally associated with managing content for the mobile audience. You can update your content at anytime to suit your business needs. 

Key benefits:

  • Create once, publish on multiple mobile platforms including your websites
  • Device-level targeting, you may wish to send a message to specific type of mobile users i.e iPhone users only
  • Integrate with your current backend system
  • Integrated data and analytics to support your marketing strategies and goals
  • Push notifications and real-time messages to your mobile audience
  • Scalable and secure platform


The Content Management Platform has been designed and implemented in the cloud to offer a robust and scalable system to expand and contract according to resource needs. This means the system can handle unexpected traffic peaks with minimal to no interruption to services.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Usability of internet-connected mobile applications is heavily dependent on the network and the process by which the content will be delivered. By distributing and replicating static content close to end-user even before they request, download speed is enhanced immensely and so enhances the user experience.
We’ve designed the mCMP to seamlessly integrate with the CDN in a way that makes it easy for you to manage your media assets such as videos, images, audio, pdfs, and most other types of static content.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Your assets are archived, managed and shared not only with your customers, but also with your team or others with restricted access. Built-in Access Control will allow you to manage what, where and how your digital assets are consumed.


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