Using existing Web technologies for mobile


Native Web App and Mobile Web development

The growing importance of Web technologies has meant more choice in how you can reach and engage with your customers at a lower development cost per audience compared to single-platform Mobile App development.

No longer are you forced make that decision between developing apps exclusively for iPhone, iPad, Android-based devices, or any other in the long tail of mobile devices.

The good news is that with careful planning and a strong set of goals, you can broaden the reach of your campaign or application by employing Native Web App or Mobile Web as your implementation method to target iPhone, iPad, Android-based devices, BlackBerry, and non-smartphone devices.

Key benefits:

  • Build once, reach many
  • Generally lower cost of development than Mobile Apps
  • Editable content post-launch (see our mobile Content Management Platform)
  • No vendor lock-in. You have greater ownership and control over your content

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