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Mobile App

Choosing to develop a Mobile App is in many ways your acknowledgement of the growing importance in which Apps are effecting the way we go about our daily business.

Building a simplified workflow into the user-interface that is visually engaging and works well intuitively for the user to pick-up without an extensive ‘how-to’ document is what we strive for here at Craft Turf. We will work with you to align your needs with that of the end-users.

Key benefits:

  • Great way for your brand to demonstrate your key values through a technology that enriches the lives of your customers or staff
  • Develop brand loyalty and engagement for a highly targeted customer base
  • Leverage the power of advanced features to improve corporate communications
  • Monetise your product or service offerings through a subscriptions-based, advertising, or other revenue generating models to drive transactions
  • Great integration with devices’ own built-in features such as GPS, Camera, Contacts, Email, Social Networks, and more

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