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Mobile development strategy

The diverse range of mobile Smartphones, tablets and feature devices has at one hand created a competitive landscape amongst the leading giants namely Apple, Google, Blackberry and others.

Good news for the consumer, but a nightmare for organisations as it has clearly become more important in the current trend to understand how end-users are engaging with their device; which device and how best to target them with your message or product effectively and economically.

We can help you answer the big challenging questions:

  • Are the differences between a Mobile App, Native Web App, and Mobile Web enough to impact my long-term mobile strategy?
  • What is the Mobile opportunity cost’s impact on my business?
  • How best to target my known and emerging audience landscape?
  • Who are the main contenders in the race to dominate the Mobile space and how to mitigate against the risk of backing the wrong horse?

How we can help

Here at Craft Turf, we can guide you through the maze by connecting you with one of our specialist Mobile Development Consultants to help you develop the strategy that will align your business goals with your target audience. We believe every business has its own unique strengths and weaknesses that we will analyse when developing a mobile strategy.

Our Consultants have a solid technical background with up-to-date insight into the technology and marketing opportunities on offer.


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